Room Reservation Instructions

Call for any enquiry or reservation at Khao Yai Paradise on Earth directly via contact No. 081-918-1212, 086-013-6464   

Reservation Conditions
Please transfer deposit 70% for your room reservation


 SCB Bank - Sub-branch: Salaya
Saving 280-202899-7   Account Mrs.Amporn Krobthong
KBank Branch: Central Plaza Grand Rama 9
Saving 847-2-25940-8 Account Mrs.Amporn Krobthong

Please send email and attach payment slip to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Due to our resort has limited amount of small rooms and the room schedule can be changed all the time, therefore, there should have deposit payment for your room reservation within 24 hours. If time over dues, you should ask for new room schedule before paying deposit for your room reservation and inform the reception at once to reserve your new room after paying deposit as well as sending payment slip to our email for confirmation. 


1 Each type of houses and breakfast coupon will be available for the number of persons booked in advance only.
*** In case of asking for additional bed, the breakfast coupon will be added following the number of additional booked persons.

2. You can check-in since 14.00 hrs. And check-out before 12.00 hrs. In case of early check-in (before 14.00 hrs. or late check-out after 12.00 hrs. please enquire at reception.

3. Extra Bed / Breakfast
>> Child
Children whose age 4-7 years old, we charge breakfast 200 baht
Children whose age 8 years old or 120 cm tall, we charge as same price with adult rate.

>> Adult
Blankets & Pillow + Breakfast 550 baht
Extra bed + Breakfast 650 baht

1.Cooking in the accommodation are not allowed.
2.Electric appliances and Cooking gas are not allowed.
3.Outside alcohol & beverages and food will be charged per night. 
4.Stereo and any device that can disturb others are not allowed.
5.Pet will be charged per night. (Please notify and check breed before arriving.)


Cancellation/ Arrival date postponing & No Show Policies

1. Cancellation more than 14 days prior to the arrival date, cancellation fee will not be charged.
2. Cancellation within 4- 14 days prior to the arrival date, 30% cancellation fee will be charged to the number of room.
3. Cancellation within 1-3 days prior to the arrival date, 70% cancellation fee will be charged to the number of room.
4. To change the room, please notify us more than 7 days prior to the arrival date and the new changed date will be within 3 months (From the old check-in date).
A customer can change 1 time/ 1 booking.

5. No-shows will be charged a 100% cancellation fee to the number of room.
6. Early departures will be charged a 30% cancellation fee to the number of room.


We preserve our ownership to give a promotion price as policy of the resort.
And we also preserve our ownership to change or cancel without notice.