How to get Khoa Yai Paradise on Earth

Khao Yai Paradise on Earth is far from Bangkok around 180 km. It takes time about 2 hours GPRS N14.33.325’, E101.28.302’. We can go there by many ways as following:

1 By private car

 Start from Pahonyothin road through Rangsit and reach Saraburi. Then, turn right to Mittraphap and way to Nakhon Ratchasima province through Tubkwang, Kaengkhoi, Muak Lek, Klang Dong and reach the entrance of Pak Chong district. Drive straightly around 300 meters pass the front of Lotus department store. There will be an interchange, then turn left and whirl right head to Khao Yai pass through Thanarat road (km 58) and way to highway No. 2090. Then, drive straightly around 15 km and remark the natural fountain on the left side and turn left from the entrance, drive straightly around 6 km then you will reach Bung Toei village. Go on driving around 1 km and you will see Khao Yai Paradise on Earth resort on the right side.

2 By coach bus

There are coach buses in route Bangkok – Nakhon Ratchasima which take off in every20 mintues since 04.00 – 20.00 hrs. It take around 2 hours and 390 minutes for transportation. You can buy ticket at the Bangkok transfer station (Morchit 2) at the 2nd floor. The 1 floor air-conditioned bus and the 2 floors air-conditioned bus which drive to Nakhon Ratchasima called Sai 21 (Bangkok – Nakhon Ratchasima).

There are 3 franchise private companies as below:

    - Ratchasima Tour Company - Tel. (Bangkok) 02-936-1615, (Nakhon Ratchasima) 044-245-443
    - Air Korat Pattana Company - Tel. (Bangkok) 02-936-2252, (Nakhon Ratchasima) 044-252-999
    - Suranaree Air Company

A coach bus will drive on 2 routes:

    1.  Drive to downtown of Pak Chong district. Ask for getting off at Pak Chong transport station.
    2. Special rapid coach bus service 24 hours which does not drive into Pak Chong district. The coach bus will drive straightly to Nakhon Ratchasima province. In this point, tourists have to ask a staff carefully unless you might have to get off the coach bus on the way or get off at Pak Chong Tesco Lotus and then catch minibus to get to Pak Chong municipal market in front of Pak Chong transport station. There are whole pick-up rentals 450 baht (Tel. 088-703-4280) or bus service which you can get in at Khao Yai and the bus will take off in every 1 hour with service fee total 30 baht. But the bus will deliver you at the entrance km 15 only (do not forge to inform a driver where you would like to get off). Then, you have to change a car to get to the resort around 7 km.
Return Trip: Due to Park Chong district is between Nakhon Racchasima and Bangkok. The return trip is needed to wait for a coach bus which drives from terminal at Nakhon Racchasima. On average, a coach bus will come in every 45 minutes. You can buy a ticket at 3 terminals as following:

    1. The terminal in front of Handy Mart convenience store
    2. The terminal next to Pak Chong Chareon Mit Cross hotel
    3. The terminal (Transport Service) Behind Kakinang restaurant

3 By van

A van service from Bangkok – Pak Chong at Anusaowareechai – You can get in at Ratchavithi Soi 3 next to Suan Santipap (Tewada Plaza). Bus will take off in every 2 hours at 06.00-20.00 hrs. Fare 180 baht/person. Transport time 2 hours and 15 minutes. (Everyday service)

    - Anusaowareechai – Tel: 085-600-7975, 081-117-9684
    - Rangsit – Tel: 048-829-3609
    - Pak Chong – Tel: 089-6161952, 089-900-3097
    Return trip Pak Chong – Bangkok: The station is at The Home Tower building opposites with night market at Pak Chong intersection. The van will take off in every 1 hour during 05.00-19.00hrs.
** In addition to the mentioned regular transports, you can be serviced by ‘Jamnong Van‘ which has special service from Bangkok to your desired tourist attraction. You are welcome for whole car rental. For seat booking, please contact details Tel: Aunt ‘Nong’ 089-9003097 Bangkok terminal: 089-844-8254, Pak Chong terminal: 089-616-1952

4 By train

For a person who does not to hurry and need to take a classic view of Thai trains. There are trains take off from the Bangkok station (Hua Lampong) to Pak Chong station every day. It takes around 5 hours for transportation. For more detail, please contact State Railway of Thailand - Tel: 1690, 02-223-7010 or see additional details in

5 By rented car

You can contact us for car rental service by agency as following:
Tel: 662-2511131-2, 662-2555300-4, 668-1-3785697
Tel: 0 2203 9222
Tel: 662-266-4666

GPRS:N14.33.323' E101.28.302